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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 24, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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crowding bay area stores. >> not too late to give to those in need this christmas. some people at this toy drive working harder than ever. stay working harder than ever. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00 c c
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sz more on the search for the suspect at 11:00 o'clock. >> well now to our other big story. the weather. it is dry are right now but not going to stay that way. let's check in with spencer and the fork. >> not a white but wet christmas. let's look at live doppler 7hd we are dry at this moment but rainfall closing in on us on the north coast. the area of moisture up near crescent city and eureka and there is a big mess of moisture headed our way and storm total since thursday have left with us a drenching already but not over 11 inches of rain. 10 inches of rain here and 5 to 6 inches of rain in santa rosa and san are are fell. ground saturated in some spots and her comes our next storm system as you see on the satellite radar composite image. see rainfall in the north bay tomorrow morning. it will sweep south and east later in the day. could be a very, very wet christmas afternoon and evenin evening. i'll give you a closer look at the animation
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and the arrival of tomorrow rain and areas hardest hit a little bit later. >> okay spencer thanks see you shortly. >> are authorities in nevada county still not identified a snow border killed in an avalanche. avalanche happened at 9:30 this morning at donner ski ranch in the small town of nor depp before noon a snowboarder didn't return from a run. the area was combed and missing man come pan i don't know. >> his friends the other friends that were going to be at our group were looking for him and probing around but didn't find him and he was at the bottom of the cliff. >>reporter: the man was found under several feat of snow from what we understand. he's described as a 50-year-old man from the truckee area. again his name has not been publicly released. some east palo alto residents spent date mopping up after a creek jumped the banks. it's happening along a creek connecting palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park. abc 7 news reporter heather is there. >> the creek here picks up
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speed and altitude as it banks around the bend. that is why there's a levee here. only during last night downpour it was neither high enough nor strong enough. leaking through its middle. >> there was some seepage as you can see by the cone over here. >> 7 homes beyond the leave very under mandatory evacuation and resident spent today cleaning up. experience residents new to get out when they saw the water rising. >> a lot of water. too much rain. >> a lieutenant of the levee in the state of california have struck turl problems. >>reporter: the creek needs better levee and it needs to be expanded. joint power thrt was formed after the devastating 1998 flooding here to do just that. but army corps of engineers funding never materialized. construction will finally begin next spring thanks to santa clara county taxpayers. >> measure b passing in november actually dedicated
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about 38 million dollars to address the flooding issues on the creek including the downstream end. >> but east palo alto mayor reuben wants the state to step up and help with repair or disaster relief if necessary in the short-term. >> no different from any other community in the state of california that if they think that the levee are up to stand arrested i think very surprised that most of them are not. they are not certified levee by the army corps of engineer. >> resident spend part of the had day filing flood insurance claims and hoping they won't need it again for next year. >> we still have a good holida holiday. we have health and that's what is important. we will be okay. we will be fine. >> the east palo alto city manager said that californi conservation corps expected to work in the dark tonight. they are not expecting tomorrow evening storm to be as bad as last night but they really don't want to take any chances. in east palo alto, abc 7 news. well they are also worried
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about flooding in sonoma county with good reason right now. several roads and streets are still closed. cornell has a look what's happening there. >> man flailing. fight to go stay afloat in the middle of the napa river. crowds on the bank watching the drama awn fold. >> they were there really quick. we sat down and all of a sudden they were just there. >> needed to get them out real quick. we got a good throw on the rope. >> the rope worked. victim was pulled to shore. ladder brought in and the man climbed out to safety. with refer running so high firefighters knew there was no time to wast waste. in sonoma county high water is still a big issue. the intersection of highway 12 and 121 was under water yesterday when sonoma creek overflowed its banks. today the water is still spilling into nearby vineyard. >> looks like the ocean. is throughout right now. the only nice thing is it's all the
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vines are dormant so no harm there. >> does he says of road like this one are still flooded. towards sonoma creek he's from frustrate the. >> every year there's more water in the creek and less creek to contain it. >>reporter: the man in the river firefighters suspect he was intoxicated. he told them he jumped into the river because it seemed like fun. >> are you okay. >> hello. >>reporter: that man will be okay. it's unclear if he will be cited taken to queen of the valley hospital for observatio observation. he thanked firefighters for saving him. in napa, abc 7 news. >> and about 20 homes in mill valley without water because of a water main break. sky 7 hd flew over the scene after the main broke loose you can see the result marine avenue closed off between bell lane and flamingo road for a short while today. marin municipal water district craw begun to excavate the 12 inch water main to see exactly what they are dealing
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with. >> amazing demonstration of skill and courage saved a man's life in livermore. last night a 58-year-old man was stranded when creek waters rose to the top of his pickup. this was near del israel regional park. swimmers couldn't make headway in the water sought chp called in air support. the pilot actually put the hospitaler skid on the top the of the truck to stabilize his vehicle. the man was pulled into the chopper taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia. amazing work by rescue authorities. and the search for suspected drunk driver who jumped no a canal to escape police now called off. it happened early this morning in the city of ross near the college of marin. police made a traffic stop for possible dui but the driver took off on foo foot. officers chased him along the canal until they saw him jump in. search this morning produced no sign of him. police don't know if that means the man is dead or if he escaped alive.
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>> well in the east bay down trees and mud slides prompted road closure and crew in full clean up mode while still dry. nick smith has the story. >>reporter: the ground already saturate from previous rain was no match for the weight and pressure of the rock and vegetation that until now called this hillside home. the massive stone some weighing hundreds of pounds and deeply routed tree were his pulled from their foundation and hang precariously across the stretch of pine hurt road in contra costa county forcing highway patrol to close sections to cars until road crew could remove the debris. >> in the oakland hills a tree came crashing down without any warning. >> just see the tree come down and my heart just sank. >>reporter: at nearly 80 feet in height and weighing close to a ton the tree slammed across busy shepherd canyon road with enough pressure and density to crush anything beneath it. the force from the branches caved
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part of the car roof ripped off the casing to a side view mirror and fractured his windshield. the near miss and visible damage a reminder of what could have been. >> i heard it bounce directly off my roof and feel pretty lucky. >> heavy rain sat ateed hillside week root system. >>reporter: firefighters from station 24 work quickly to clear the tree from the roadway using multiple saw to attack from different angle. in a show of true holiday spirit motorist who had not been allowed to pass got out of the cars and offered helping hand. proving that nothing is too big to move when you worked together. that was the true sign of holiday spirit. now the break in the rain is only temporary. according to our abc 7 weather team we could see more rain in the days to come. further weakening already weak root systems. in oakland, abc
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7 news. >> and more storm aftermath to share with you. rock slides brought traffic to a stop right today on highway 1 south of big sur. cal-trans has closed the highway at part ridge road and at ragged point in san luis obispo county. slides happened yesterday at about 5:30 in the afternoon. no word yet on when the road will reopen. >> well more to bring you this christmas eve. still to come. time is running out. people are wrapping up the last minute holiday shopping as we continu continue. procrastinator in the bay area rushing now to beat the clock. >> and local small businesses hoping for a big rush of late sales this christmas season. >> and 7 on your side michael finy new tip about holiday tipping. he breaks down the numbers to let you know how much is enough. stay with us. back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receiver.
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. >> well if you are watching me now and still have christmas shopping to do i feel in badly. newer a tough spot. choices growing smaller where you can find stores still open for the last minute gifts that you still need to buy but there are some options. business technology reporter david has
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the last minute shopping frenz frenzy. >> last minute shopper in some ways is rewarded by procrastinating. mark down already being promoted. save money by shopping late. >> yes. i did. actually. because there is things on clearance and 40 percent off so i did save some money nishtion some cases the last minute shorp 30's just to pick up some last minute items. >> i'm the lucky one i have a wife that does all the shoppin shopping. so i'm just here to pick up ice for the benches tomorrow and some stocking stuffers that's it. >>reporter: retail remembers prepared for the on slot. all check stands are open. projecting the sales up 2 and a half to 3 percent over last year say analyst. that's good considering the recession isn't over and the fiscal cliff could take a bite out of income in a matter of days. competitors on line can't do a same day purchase and deliver by tonight. despite good intention business some shoppers there are always last minute gifts to buy. >> christmas eve. yes. are
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you giving me a hard time for waiting until the last minute. >>reporter: well that's my question y.did you wait so lon long. >> i got most of it done. >>reporter: okay whatever the reason stores are prepared for them. biggest problem could be what to buy. this man was clutching 2 plush sesame character and scanning the shelves for something better. >> i'm trying to figure out what to gate 3-year-old. that's hard. can't buy things too intricate. >>reporter: checking out the toy isles with the dad but more of a photo op for grandma with great shots on the smart phone. >> spend half hour on an aisle. they were just on one aisle with snow shovel and big plastic ball. back and forth between parent and child togetherness. they played and played and played. had a wonderful time and put it back on the shelf and walked away. >>reporter: even more bargain are due for shoppers on wednesday after christmas. toys-r-us has revealed the deals. for example all video games. buy one get one 40 percent off. certain lego
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construction kits buy one get one 50% off. all of that happening starting wednesday n.san jose, david, abc 7 news. >> all right. experts do say though if you really want the best deals shop the day after christmas. >> up to 50% off on selected categories. and open key items lack for 75 to even 80 percent off on some of these items. >> already we are finding stores rolling out the big deal including a 46 inch tv marked down 55 pevrments many people know retailers desperate to get rid of excess merchandise they make in a tradition to go shopping on december 26. the day after christmas. you can really find good deals. >> good signs for small businesses. cashing in on the holiday season. while big retailers are staying open late to maximize christmas sales shops say they are doing good business too. operators say it's the personal touch that draws shoppers to the stores everything from fresh baked cookies to items big chain just
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don't carry. shop owners say loyal customers also seem to understand that spending locally helps keep the neighborhood economy afloat. it is a nice thing to do. fresh baked cookies get me into the store every time. >> they keep you afloat. >> thank you indeed. more float than i need to be. spencer with the accu-weather forecast more rain koychlingt it is. all afloat after this view from the high definition mount tam camera. things look nice and calm as we look down san francisco right now out into the bay. clouds are thickening no. rainfall has moved into the bay area yet but it is on its way. let's take the a look at live doppler 7 hd which shows i think a faint shade of clouds there. gathering not only along the coast but overland as well. no rainfall yet but it is building up to our north around crescent city and eureka and moving down in our direction. it will ariff during the overnight early morning hours. right now dry conditions lacking at temperature readings mainly in the police our inland location
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down to 42 right now fairfield 43 and napa see it's pretty chilly in some of the inland valley. oakland 50 here in san francisco and these are our forecast features turning cloudy. it's pretty much there already overnight. rainy and breezy for tomorrow. christmas day. showers likely on wednesday. before we get to a dryer pattern. overnight low down to 38 at napa. 37 at santa rosa and fairfield and livermore look for low of 39 at concord so pretty chilly all around the bay area tonight. and the satellite radar composite image shows approaching rainstorm cold front moving in our direction. more rain for christmas day not a white christmas but wet christmas. start the forecast animation 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at which point most of the area will still be dry although quite cloudy and rain will be just to our north up in mendocino county but by 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we see rain sweeping down into sonoma coin, marine county approaching napa county then later in the day by 2:00 p.m. or so we see heavier more organized rainfall
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not only across the north bay but pushing south ward on to the peninsula. eastward a little bit out towards livermore and by late afternoon 4:00 o'clock so tomorrow rainfall all parts of the bay area with some areas receiving moderate to heavy downpour then front sweeps on through overnight tomorrow night into wednesday. see showers trailing the front wednesday in the day tame but showers taper off later in the day and into the afternoon hours. into the evening hours i should say. by 7:00 o'clock wednesday evening rainfall total could be over an inch. north bay peninsula and east bay up to inch and a half and santa cruz mountains up to half inch or more in the south by and storm watch winter storm watch in effect for the sierra from tomorrow afternoon to wednesday evening we expect 4 to 8 inches of new snow above 4000 feet possibly 8 to 16 inches above 5000 feet. chain control travel delay not likely. christmas day look for rain arriving in the north bay in the morning hours cool there all day with high only in the upper 40's to the right around 50. later in the day rain will arrive to the south and east
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but before it does temperatures there will warm-up to the mid 50's in the mildest location and farther south near monterey bay the rain is very late to arrive if at all high in the mid upper 50's. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. rain tomorrow showers wednesda wednesday. just a slight chance maybe we take that chance out of the air. partly cloudy thursday friday. slight chance of showers saturday and partly cloudy and dry on sunday and sunny and pleasant on monday which is new year's eve so from one eve to another eve. >> thank you spencer very much. >> from your hairdresser to your postal workerñi just ahead how to honor and recognize the people who help you out all year long. it is tipping season after all. tip on the subject as 7 news at 9 subject as 7 news at 9 continues. stay with us.
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sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of california foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies. thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa. and thank you for donating money. your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. - thank you. - thank you. gracias por su ayuda. thank you.
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>> the holidays are a time that many of us like to choose to show is our appreciation to the service providers that help us thought the year but how much of a tip isnough? 7 on your sidechael finy has the run did you know on tipping etiquette. >>reporter: hair stylist keep us looking good. mail carrier get us our mail rain or shine. sanitation worker do one of the dirtiest jobs around. holiday are a good time to show your appreciation with the tip. cindy is founder of advanced etiquette. >> tipping is supposed to be operational in most instances. and as a result it's something more personal. >>reporter: the surhave i of 1800 americans by shop smart found barber 7 an average tip of 10 dollars. teachers get an average 20 buck. so do hair dressers. mail carrier. manicurist. newspaper carrier.
9:26 pm
pet care providers and sanitation workers. gardener and lawn care workers slightly better at $25 and housekeepers get an average tip of 50 dollars. >> you tip what you what you have extra to spare and to share. i tip. if i feel that people give me a friendly good service and treat me kindly and don't make me feel like i'm you know i owe them something. >>reporter: she suggest another option. >> difference is for people who serve you year round. that i think a gift is much more personal than just giving mone money. >>reporter: not everyone agre agrees. in fact shop smart found that 39 percent of those surveyed said they didn't tip at all last holiday season. 55 percent of the women who didn't tip said tight budget is the reason. 41 percent of men gave the same reason. but for workers who do a good job tips are much appreciated this is 7
9:27 pm
on your side. good information and we have more information on holiday tipping and gift giving on our web site. just click on 7 on your side. well still to come here tonight. blast of winter blows across the nation. how it is creating problems for people traveling this christmas. it's a real mess in many parts of the country. >> curl up bay fire tonight. doesn't this sound nice. group asking you not to keep those home fires burning however. and celebrating christmas with the troops. we take you over seas. stay with us. over seas. stay with us. another half hour of new
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>> good evening again. in upstate new york police say the man who shot 2 firefighters to death and wounded 2 others was a convicted felon who served 17
9:31 pm
years for killing his own grandmother. 62-year-old william spanker opened fire on first responder after setting his house and car ablaze. 4 volunteer firefighters shot. 2 killed. investigators say spank then killed himself. fire spread to 7 other homes destroyed along with a car. 7 news reporter sergio spoke with some local firefighters about this from it engine tragedy. >>reporter: firefighters responded to the early morning blaze in webster new york and almost medley shot at. police say the suspect may have set a trap. >> there was a car and house that were engulfed in flames. probably set by mr. spang ler who layed in wait with armament then shot the first responders. >>reporter: 2 firemen killed. 2 others were pinned down and injured by gunfire. they had to withdraw from the fire fighting effort and the blaze spread to 6 other homes. here in san francisco firefighters were part of the annual toy
9:32 pm
drive that left hear. they were targeted >> bad day for firefighters to get shot at in the line of duty and killed but particularly on christmas eve. it's sad. shocking. it's tragic. >>reporter: fire crew across the bay area often have to coordinate with local police departments to make sure certain scenes are safe to do their work. but they have never been specifically targeted. >> you have protocol like a hostage situation or a shooting like you wait until the scene is secured but burning buildin building? there's no protocol to wait and see if somebody is going to shoot at you. it's not in our play book. >>reporter: fire crew here sent the christmas eve condolences to fellow firefighters in webster and the families. >> hearts prayers with the family and today we are doing a toy drive for children in need in san francisco and sending is to back to new york. >>reporter: fire captain said simply no way to adjust the way they approach a burning home. they simply can't afford to be
9:33 pm
looking over their shoulder for a shooter on every call. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> jack including man the prolific contractingy face character actor and regular guy loved by millions has died. he was the messy one in the odd cup that he will ran from 1970 until 1975 and he played the crime fighting coroner in quincey me another good show. he lost his voice to throat cancer in the 1980's and then trained himself to speak again. including man was with family when he passed away. exact cause of death unknown. his son says his father had a great life and enjoyed every moment of it. jack including man was 90 years old. well the bad weather is not just here in the bay area. all over the nation tonight. and there are many travelers who will not be where they counted on being the night before christmas. tj has the story. >> forecasters are predicting a white christmas for parts of the northeast. residents of syracuse, new york that's not
9:34 pm
necessarily great news. working over time for flaws, frustrate the drivers stuck with no place to go. >> weather was bad. winds were fierce. blowing the cars around. you could see even the semi were swerving. >>reporter: yet no police lick home for the holidays. but the weather isn't making it easy to get there heavy snow and torrential rain delayed and stranded millions of travelers. >> roads are pretty bad. there's lot of spin outs. further east. >> definitely going to be chain control for the next two days at least. going that christma christmas. >>reporter: huge snowstorm on the west coast continues to hit northern california hard. causing hundreds of delays and cancelling flights in and out of san francisco. with the average delay lasting over 2 hours. the high winds severe conditions have left many drivers in the sierra unable to even stay on the road. oklahoma is expected to get hit hard with snow tonight into christmas morning. complicating travel for the sooner state just three years after santa brought a record
9:35 pm
breaking 14 inches of snow on christmas eve shutting the roadway down for the evening. according to triple a more than 1 in 4 americans will take a road trip this holiday season. how festive the trip is all depends on if knots nature and father christmas can get along. tj, abc news, new york. >> well, you might want to try to avoid the warm christmas eve fire you look forward to. bay area air quality management district calls on all of us to refrain from burning wood in the fireplace ors wood stoves tonight. district is hoping to keep the air quality healthy enough so it doesn't have to call a spare the air alert on christmas day. nice holiday gesture by president obama ended up rui ruining christmas plans for dozens of bay area folk this group of people was surprised today when they went to the san francisco passport office only to find out it was closed. office was supposed to be open today but you see last friday president obama signed a last minute executive order making
9:36 pm
christmas eve a federal holida holiday. people who showed up with mortgage appointment an plans to travel today or tomorrow, well they were left out in the cold. >> i don't know what i can do i'm waiting out here a lot of us have been here since this morning try to with the hope they can open. they will open and my kids can get the passport and travel. >> ordeal was especially frustrating for people already done all the required paperwork last week and were told to come in on monday morning just to a pick up the passport. now they are kind of left in the lurch. well, as we celebrate the holiday it's nice remember the men and women serving over sea seas. american sold remembers celebrating early christmas along with other international troops in afghanistan. u.s. other nato troops sat down for a special meal on christmas ev eve. they attend add christmas mass and candle light schlts the troops are based at high security compound at kabul international airport. many soldiers realize even though we
9:37 pm
would like to be with our family we realize the importance to be here. we believe. >> yes i feel in a little home sick. wish i could be with family an friends. time of year where everybody gets together. >>reporter: nato troops helping afghan force assume full responsibility for the country security after 2014. wish all those soldiers and marines happy holiday. well just ahead here. want to show the christmas spirit right now? you can lend a hand and help out a toy drive where volunteers working very late in this christmas eve. >> and new test that letsd you learn about the an says industry of your cat. how it works and how much
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>> last minute toy drive under way right now in san francisco to make sure that every child has a merry smachlts lefty 0dual took donation at 6:00 a.m. and will keep going until christmas morning. still several hours from now. thomas has the story. >> cool it's awesome. >>reporter: 6-year-old jordan young has new toy cars for christmas. he's one of about 3 dozen children who are getting early gifts here at the plaza east community center in the western addition. appreciates what is about done for her neighbors. >> it's great for the kids. they don't have this stuff so if any one needs it then. >>reporter: parents are appreciative as well. especially after seeing the smiles on their children's faces. >> that's nice for the firefighters to donate toys for the children. >> i think it's great because like some kids don't have this opportunity and stuff and they
9:42 pm
can just come around the corner and get stuff that. >> stuff is donated toy that is have been delivered to lefty just off union square for the san francisco firefighters and lefty annual toy drive this morning yely kick off was attended by mayor ed lee and other department heads. donation dropped off here have been stacked in the back of the restaurant sorted and put into barrels for delivery. while this may appear to be a massive amount of toys the need this year outweighs the donation so far. >> still more and more kids going without toy this is year. this year deliver over 43,000 -- excuse me 200,000 toys to 43,000 kids in san francisco. >>reporter: also helping out by sending tax toy pick up gifts from homes throughout the city and delivering them to lefty at no charge. driver sam is happy to be part of the effort. >> this is a great thing for the kids. of course to get some toys for christmas. >>reporter: lefty will be
9:43 pm
collecting toys here on geary street until 2:00 o'clock in the morning. if you captain come by here you can drop a gift off at any fire station near your home. they will be glad to take it. in san francisco, i'm thomas abc 7 news. >> there is still time to help there. clyde memorial hands out thousands of meals around the holiday but today extra special because this christmas eve lunch included prime rib the owner of san francisco house of prime donated the food as he has done for more than 2 decades. this year he gave 2 2200 pounds of the meat. work now under way for tomorrow's christmas dinner for 5000 more people. >> still to come here. it's the ultimate christmas gift to be sure. we take you to the peninsula market that sold winning lottery ticket worth 23 million dollars. >> and a look at virtual gift giving this holiday. no need to look any further than facebook. if you have run out of time and ideas. stay with us. abc 7 news at 9:00 us. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues here in just a momen
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>> all right. i don't know what you are hoping to get under the tree but how about this for a christmas gift. a lot lottery jackpot and big on one. here's what happened. winning ticket from saturday super lotto plus drawing was bought at this place. sunshine center pharmacy in south san francisco. ticket is worth 23 million dollars. store gets one-half of 1% of that. that's about 115,000 dollars. if you bought a ticket there, double check your pockets. >> come forward to our knowledge. lottery set everything up today and basically said they were happy for us. >>reporter: pharmacy was handing out food today but not
9:48 pm
to celebrate the luck with the lottery. they do it every christmas for the loyal customers. pretty nice. this time they were also giving out fantasy 5 tickets to their customers as well. well if you still have a few people left on the christmas list don't stress. technology can come to the rescue even at this late hour. jonathan bloom has couple of way that you say can instantly give gifts with a click and sometimes not even have to pay for them. >> flurry of shopping bags flood san francisco streets as the christmas clock ticks down. last minute shopping is not for the fant of if you are a procrastinator who also happens to be lazy and cheap you might just fall in love with an app called wrap. >> 5 dollar gift card h and mm. 6 dollars 5 dollars see all these are all free gift cards. >>reporter: 43 as in you don't have to pay for them. they are basically coupon that you can wrap up and send as gift. >> it makes it very easy to people to give gifts at the
9:49 pm
last minute or at a distance. >>reporter: go with the free gift or add to it using a credit card or send it to any facebook friend it goes lisa out of a jail. i gifted many holiday gifts this season actually 3 today. using rap. >> a little bit of a waiter. >> i am. normally i'm not but it's been a very busy holiday season. >>reporter: another company that wants a piece of the social gift giving action an they have been l stealing their attention. they have an unfair advantage. the company is facebook. few week ago they went live with facebook gift and covered their own site in ads with good review if philip who spoke to us by skype. >> seeing all the other items they had offered i also thought perfect for their friends so biggest problem with keeping within my budget. >>reporter: philip is sending physical gifts that won't arrive in time for christmas. but at least facebook sent a nice little message to say they are on the way. procrastinators can't have everything. in san francisco,
9:50 pm
abc 7 news. don't tell spencer i got it him one of the 43 gifts. >> ultimate gift for the cat lover in your life. you have probably heard of the dna test to learn more about your ancestry. now one for your cat. it's the feline genetic laboratory cat ancestry test that you a dna sample from the cat to determine whether pet parents or grand pawrpts belong to one of the common cat bree. test developed by the veterinary genetic laboratory at uc davis and the results are 90 percent accurate. but not cheap. test will set you back 120 dollars. more information go to our web site and click on see it on tv. >> i don't know if i want my cat thinking he's royalty. may weren't more food. >> let's go back and check the forecast one last time with spencer. >> all right dan. take a look at the storm watch here. satellite radar composite image approaching storm system that is going to bring us christmas day rainfall look at live doppler 7 hd. well to the
9:51 pm
north. rain up around crescent city and eureka a working slowly to the bay area. tomorrow christmas day sunny milder down south. high in the 60's and palm springs but wet day in the northern half of the state. especially here in the bay area. rain here snow over in the sierra. our rainfall begins up in the north bay tomorrow and it will be there for most of the day before beginning to sweep south ward and east war. high pressure up north. range from upper from is to the around 50 degrees but in the other peninsula writ around the bay down to the south bay high in the mid 50's before the rainfall arrives later in the afternoon evening. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. rainy day tomorrow. showers on wednesday. drying out thursday friday slight chance of couple showers on saturday. not much though. partly cloudy to mainly sunny on sunday and sunny dry next monday which is new year's eve. enjoyment merry christmas happy new year happy holidays. >> thanks. phones ringing non-stop at peterson air force
9:52 pm
base in colorado where volunteers are monitoring santa progress. this is video from norad. north american aerospace annual santa tracking operation. scores of helpers answered more than 7000 phone calls asking about his journey. they are tracking santa location on large projection screens. volunteers also pos posting updates for more than 1 million facebook fans and 1-7,000 twitter followers. if you want to track santa link on our web site under see it on tv. according to norad right now he's in the area of cancun, mexico. nice weather. hot in the red suit may not weren't to leave rick wants to get this done as quickly as he can to get to bed in time to get santa 8. he has been a very good boy i'm sure. >> okay. on this night before christmas both frainers and raiders feel like they got coal in the stockings. both teams lost starting player for the season. i have the injury all season. i have the injury all right when we come back.
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>> coming up tonight. tiger attack on the fifth anniversary of the san francisco zoo mauling. officer recounts the terrifying moments he came face-to-face with the vicious animal. >> plus the christmas shopping season comes to an end. we are out with the final shopper as they try to check off the last few gifts on their list. join us for those stories and more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but rick is here with all the sports tonight and what a indicate for the 49ers. >> not a very happy holiday season so far at least. getting blown out by seattle was bad enough. espn reporting wide receiver mr. yo will be out for the rest of the season. he was injured while being tackled on this play in the third quarter. it looked bad and it was he tore a pair of ligament in the left knee. he made the spectacular catch last season super bowl was second on the team in receptio receptions with 42. >> 49ers coach harbaugh known for tight lipped with the media
9:57 pm
and today reached a new level as reporters tried to get answer about his what happened in seattle. pair of players he coached stanford had big role in the route. richard sherman returned this block field goal attempt 90 yards for touch down. he also picked off a pass in the end zone. men while dug baldwin caught 4 pass for 53 yards and 2 scores during today news conference harbaugh scrooge like with his answer keeping words to a minimum. >> they had success in different areas. multiple areas. they did a good job he has an issue with his this he's working through. didn't. quiet. >>reporter: the raid versus their own share of prisons starting quarterback palmer is
9:58 pm
done for the year after suffering cracked ribs and bruised lung against carolina. palmer got hurt late in the first quarter after rolling out he gets crushed by craig hardy who did get flagged on the pla play. coach allen didn't decide who will start on sunday at san diego. matt got most of the snaps in relief yesterday but i think raider nation is ready to see what prior can do. >> i think he's stale work in progress as far as that's concerned. he's worked extremely hard in practice. i don't know that he has full command of everything that we are doing but i wouldn't expect a lot different out of any other young quarterback so make a decision at the end of the week which way we want to go. >>reporter: week from tomorrow stanford squares off against wisconsin in the grand daddy of them all. rose pwochlt you can call this the run for the roses as both teams feature great running back. badgers at monte ball and taylor and 2 rushed for more than 9200 yards. most for pair of running back in
9:59 pm
rose bowl history. >> if i was just a fan with nothing on this game i would plop down and be ready to watch. probably one of the best running back match up and college football in a long tim time. 2 guys complete running back. 2 guy that is you want on your team. this is going to be fun to watch both the guys get after. >> we now say aloha to the hawaii bowl. somewhere larry is smiling. s muscle dominated fresno state. former texas quarterback gilbert takes it 17 yards for tough down. 22 nothing at the half. derek car the younger brother of former top draft pick david car had 2 interceptions return for touch downs. reid brings this back 69 yards. mustang also sacked car 7 times. smu wins with authority 43-10. another cooped of bowling going on yesterday in alameda where warrior guard jenkins hosted first holiday bowling event. middle school students are all involved with the


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